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Topic       : Pure C Documentation
Author      : John Kormylo
Version     : PC.HYP 1.1
Subject     : Documentation/Pure C
Nodes       : 193
Index Size  : 5414
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : en
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@help       : Help
@options    : +g -i -s +x +z -t4
@width      : 75
View Ref-File[ Resource File ]

A resource file defines drop-down menus, dialog boxes, icons, and
other image and text data used in the Application Environment Services
(AES) of a GEM program.

A resource file editor allows a programmer to create a graphical user
interface in WYSIWYG fashion by placing, dragging, resizing, cutting
and pasting the various OBJECTs on the screen with the mouse.  It
will generally also produce a C language header file containing macro
definitions for named indexes to be used by rsrc_gaddr().

Additional information available under RSHDR.