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Topic       : Pure C Documentation
Author      : John Kormylo
Version     : PC.HYP 1.1
Subject     : Documentation/Pure C
Nodes       : 193
Index Size  : 5414
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : en
@default    : 
@help       : Help
@options    : +g -i -s +x +z -t4
@width      : 75
View Ref-File[ Block Selection ]

A selected block of text will appear in reverse video (white letters
on black background).  When a block is selected, the cursor location
is defined as the beginning of the block.

The simplest way to select a block of text is to position the mouse
at either the beginning or end of the block to be selected, drag the
mouse (holding down the left mouse button) to the other end of the
block, then release the mouse button. 

If you drag the mouse past the edge of the active window, the contents
of the window will move to reveal what had been beyond the edge.

One can select everything from the cursor location to the mouse
pointer by pressing the 'Shift' key while clicking the mouse.

One can select the entire contents of a window using the
Edit/Select All command or pressing CONTROL-N.

One can select a word by double clicking it with the mouse.

One can select everything between a '( )' pair, a '[ ]' pair, or a
'{ }' pair by double clicking one of the two parenthesis, brackets
or braces (respectively).

Search operations leave a block selected if they are successful.
Find Error and Goto Line... select a whole line.

See also block operations.