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Topic       : Pure C Documentation
Author      : John Kormylo
Version     : PC.HYP 1.1
Subject     : Documentation/Pure C
Nodes       : 193
Index Size  : 5414
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : en
@default    : 
@help       : Help
@options    : +g -i -s +x +z -t4
@width      : 75
View Ref-File[ Edit Key       | Explanation ]

Return             | Create new line, or break line at cursor.
Backspace          | Delete character left of cursor.  If cursor is
                   |  at start of line, merge with previous line.
Delete             | Delete character right of cursor.  If cursor is
                   |  at end of line, merge with next line.
Undo               | Restores the last deleted character, or deletes
                   |  the last entered character.
                   |  Also works on block operations.
Tab                | Insert TAB character.  Cursor moves to next
                   |  tab stop  (See Shell Options.)
Home               | Move cursor to top of file.
Shift-Home         | Move cursor to bottom of file.
Up Arrow           | Move cursor to previous line.
Down Arrow         | Move cursor to next line.
Left Arrow         | Move cursor one character left.  If cursor is at
                   |  start of line, move to end of previous line.
Right Arrow        | Move cursor one character right.  If cursor is
                   |  at end of line, move to start of next line.
Shift-Up Arrow     | Move cursor up one page (window height).
Shift-Down Arrow   | Move cursor down one page (window height).
Shift-Left Arrow   | Move cursor to start of line.
Shift-Right Arrow  | Move cursor to end of line.
Control-Left Arrow | Move cursor one word left.
Control-Right Arrow| Move cursor one word right.

See also CONTROL keys.