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Topic       : Pure C Documentation
Author      : John Kormylo
Version     : PC.HYP 1.1
Subject     : Documentation/Pure C
Nodes       : 193
Index Size  : 5414
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : en
@default    : 
@help       : Help
@options    : +g -i -s +x +z -t4
@width      : 75
View Ref-File[ Options/Shell                                          ALTERNATE-Z ]

Windows:    Auto indent       Use Clipboard
Autosave:   Configuation      Files
Project:    Project Help      Auto dependencies
Filebox:    Standard file selector

Tabsize - Enter the number of columns between tab stops.

Break make on warnings of compiler and/or linker - Normally the Make
        process breaks on error messages and ignores warnings.

Cache - The cache is used to reduce disk I/O by storing files in RAM.
        Header files refer to all files read using #include.  Object
        files are created by the compiler and used by the linker.
        Clearing the cache writes the files to disk (if modified) and
        frees the RAM for use by the program to be run.