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Topic       : Pure C Documentation
Author      : John Kormylo
Version     : PC.HYP 1.1
Subject     : Documentation/Pure C
Nodes       : 193
Index Size  : 5414
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : en
@default    : 
@help       : Help
@options    : +g -i -s +x +z -t4
@width      : 75
View Ref-File[ Edit/Paste                                     INSERT or CONTROL-V ]

... inserts the block of text last processed by Cut or Copy into
the active window at the cursor location.  Multiple copies can be
generated by repeating the paste command.  One can copy from one
window and paste into another.

If another block of text is selected when the paste command is used,
the new block will be replaced by the block to be pasted.

See also block selection.